About us

This small family-run pasta factory was established in 1968, stemming from the vocation of a father and son, and over the years has grown into the company it is today. Originally, its processes were almost entirely manual, and its production of fresh pasta and gnocchi was subject to a limited 6 to 10 day shelf life. As a result, its products could only be sold retail and to the widespread network of small shops typical of Milan in those days.
In 1980, the historic founder turned the company over definitively to his son, who still runs the company to this day and who moved the firm to its current plant. It was in fact in the early '80s that the company faced its first "mechanical revolution", which enabled it, through the inclusion of increasingly advanced machinery, to develop new products and conservation methods, allowing it to tackle a larger market, less tied to the immediate consumption dictated by the previous manual production techniques.

The pasta factory continues to have the stamp of a family-run enterprise, now at its third generation ever since the sole director's children joined the business. Their presence, which has brought a fresh breath of innovation while maintaining the firm's attention to the genuineness of the raw materials used, combined with a production process rooted in traditional artisan methods, top quality products and continual investments over the years, have enabled the business to grow, further expanding its reach and allowing it to turn its sights on Europe. Following the issue in 2002 of the CCPB certification for the production and sale of organic products, the firm decided to open its doors to "organic" production, ever more in demand both in Italy and abroad.

With its growing customer base, its expansion into new markets, and its desire to continually improve its products, the company has decided to increase its production facilities, and in early 2013 moved to new premises that will help it to achieve its mission: to serve catering firms, corporate canteens, hospital and school caterers, cash and carries and mass retailers, both through its own brand and private labels, offering an excellent quality/price ratio. The firm's production vocation and quality have been guaranteed for at least 3 generations... for now.